On Saturday, May 4th, 2019, Heart of the Game teamed up with Life Safety Solutions to donate two (2) brand new mobile Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to the Brevard Lacrosse Alliance so that the youth athletic organization never has to go another day on the field without the safety and protection these life-saving devices provide.

The Brevard Lacrosse Alliance was chosen as Heart of the Game’s next recipients of AEDs in part because of the work the Alliance, along with the Lacrosse association of sport safety and education “LASSE”, has done to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest among young athletes. The organization had been fundraising to purchase an AED after local lacrosse player Colin Seely collapsed on a Viera High School field while running laps during ROTC. The Board and the volunteers at the association figured Colin’s incident hit too close to home, and they wanted to make sure they were prepared should another child suddenly go into sudden cardiac arrest.

HOTG and Brevard Lacross Alliance

Colin Seely (in red) and his parents, with B.J. Balgo from LASSE, and Lisa Glasband

Thankfully, an AED was quickly employed and it saved Colin’s life. Thanks to this donation by Heart of the Game, the Alliance no longer has to worry about fundraising to buy new AEDs – instead, they can get back to focusing on the kids and making lacrosse accessible for all of Brevard County’s kids.

Lisa Glasband, Vice President for the Heart of the Game, Inc., presented the two AEDS to parents, instructors, members of the board of directors for the Brevard Lacrosse Alliance, as well as the players for the local Brevard Lacrosse teams.

Also in attendance were Colin Seeley and Lexi Sima and their families. Colin was saved by an AED just weeks earlier. Lexi had a similar experience with a life-saving AED two years ago after collapsing while running on a treadmill when she was just 16 years.

HOTG and Brevard Lacrosse Alliance

B.J. Balgo from LASSE, Lisa Glasband from HOTG, and Chip Wessel from BLA

HOTG and Brevard Lacrosse Alliance

The Brevard Lacrosse Alliance